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Sell - everywhere

A platform that allows customers to sell from anywhere—online, in person, and anywhere else.

Online shop

Selling online with an e-commerce website

Point of sale

Direct sales at retail locations, pop-up stores and more options

Buy Button

Add e-commerce functionality to any website or blog

Sales Channel

Sell on social media, online marketplaces and more



Your brand, your way

Bring products to life with an e-commerce website.

More than 70 themes

Bring your brand to life with responsive, customizable themes.

Drag and drop store builder

Create a store without programming or design skills.

Custom domains

Use your domain or buy it through Lencam platform.

Learn about the online store

"As a direct-to-customer business, 100% of our sales are generated from the Shopify online store."

Arden | Leonard & Church


Different retail experience

Increase direct sales.

A more enjoyable shopping experience

Offer customers personalized service, flexible shopping, and easy returns.

Easy-to-use software

Simplify store setup and employee training.

Integrated administrative management tool

Use one tool to manage all your products, inventory, and customers—even if you sell in multiple locations.

Learn about Point of Sale

"Retail is our largest channel and has proven to be a great launch pad for us to increase customer awareness of our brand and build our online presence."

Catherine | SoYoung


E-commerce is everywhere

Turn any existing website or blog into an online store.

Embedded products

Place products where you want them, including on ... and ...

Secure payment page

Add a secure, easy-to-use mobile payment experience to your site.

Customizable buttons

Create an on-demand shopping experience for an existing website or blog.

Learn about Buy Button

"Lencam allows us to build an e-commerce platform without having to have significant knowledge or resources available."

Fred | Luca + Danni


Expand your reach

Make more customers aware of your product.

Social media network

Expand your audience and increase sales by increasing awareness on social media networks, like Instagram and Facebook.

Online shopping platform

Expand your reach and business when you can reach the largest group of loyal customers in the world like Amazon.

Learn about sales channels

"Start selling with Lencam today"

Try Shopify for free, discover all the tools and services to start, operate and grow a business.
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