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Manage - your growing business

Powerful management tools to keep your business running efficiently, all in one place.


Easily manage and fulfill orders from order to delivery.


Accept payment and get money quickly.

Mobile device

Run your business wherever you are.

In-depth information

Identify the key factors and grow your business.



One order management system for your entire business

Get products to the right places with streamlined inventory, orders, fulfillment, and shipping.

Order management and fulfillment

Get your orders to the right place sooner with efficient fulfillment for you.

Inventory management

Save time and money with tools that help you manage, monitor, and move inventory across multiple locations.

Shipping and Delivery

Use affordable shipping options to ship orders globally.

Returns and refunds

Strengthen customer trust through hassle-free, easy-to-manage returns and refunds.

Learn more about Lencam's shipping and order management

"Thanks to Lencam's centralized order and inventory management, we easily ship orders to our customers so we can spend more time growing our business"

Christina | Re Ona


Simple payment

Confidently accept credit cards at the online store.

Payment methods

Accept credit cards and local payment methods.

Payment gateways

Lencam also integrates with over 100 third-party payment gateways.

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The power of Lencam, wherever and whenever you need it

Get work done in more locations with product management, payments, shipping, and order fulfillment on your mobile device.

Stay informed

Stay in control wherever you are with accurate up-to-the-minute reports on traffic, sales and conversions. See sales before you see them with voice push notifications.

More products

Easily add products from anywhere. Upload new or existing photos, edit details, set rates, and more.

Inventory management

Inventory control no matter where you are. Use your mobile device to scan, transfer, and maintain accurate stock quantities.

Order fulfillment

Be proactive in the order fulfillment process. Print delivery notes, create shipping labels, and fulfill orders right on your mobile device.

Learn more about Lencam Mobile Apps

"Stepping out of the lab is easy with the Lencam mobile app. This app provides us with all the functionality we need to have full control over our business, no matter what stage we are in"

Lisa | Regimen Lab

IN-depth information about E-commerceL

The more you know, the more you grow

Unleash your store's potential with built-in key analytics to help empower you.

Work control

See the bigger picture more clearly. You can access dozens of key business metrics.

Insights on the current situation

Discover performance status right on the screen where you work. Spot trends, visualize performance, and pivot points - all from the same screen where you perform your tasks.

Direct analysis

Access a detailed overview of how your store is performing at all times. Track traffic, reach, orders and revenue - all in real time.

Insights on the current situation

Measure, test, develop, and repeat the process. All processes can be performed directly without installation or setup.

Learn about sales channels

"Lencam reports and analytics help us understand which strategies are working and which need improvement, so we can continue to drive the TKEES brand forward"

Carolynn | TKEES

"Start selling with Lencam today"

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